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Monday, 17 September 2012

59. Custom hand-kitted item

Lot number fifty-nine:
A hand knitted item of your choice. Choose from the yarn options below:
Mosaic Moon yarn ~

8oz Penguins with Navy MMR Worsted
4oz of trim Navy Trim MMR Worsted (can knit any size longies or hoody up to age 4)

8oz Innocence Gaia Aran
4oz Lightest Colour Trim Gaia Aran (can knit any size longies, skirty or tutu longies)

4oz Fawkes Gaia Aran
2oz Blue Trim Gaia Aran (can knit any size soaker/shorties, longies/skirty up to a medium)

8oz Black Knight SW BFL DK
4oz black trim SW BFL DK ( hoody up to age 6)

7oz Blackberry Fairy on MMR Aran ( up to large longies/skirty)

8oz Fairy's First Flight on MCN DK
4oz Hot Pink Trim on MCN DK ( hoody up to age 6)

Luscious Little Somethings yarn ~
300g LLS Softly Spoken on Merino Silky Aran
100g Green Trim on Merino Silky Aran (hoody up to age 5, dress up to age 5)
Mainland UK postage included. Time frame dependent of item requested.


Thanks for bidding!