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Monday, 10 September 2012

32. Custom hand-knit item

Lot number thirty-two:
A custom item; you choose the yarn*, the colours, the item and the size. From a special newborn romper to lacy shawl, the choices are endless.

Mainland UK postage included. Time frame dependent on item requested. *If you would like a premium yarn, a small contribution would be appreciated.


  1. £35 Blakey (sorry, just too good!)

  2. It's you!

    Tis me Blakey, not sure where my proper one has gone :D

  3. or was that you ? i thought i bid 35 -could be wrong it was last week and the gin was flowing...though that seems odd punctuation (ie, it would read sorry blakey, just too good..)

    >confused face<

    Sam Tce

  4. I think i won this - I hope so?

    Sam Tce

  5. Winner -

    Anonymous 22 September 2012 21:52
    £35 Blakey (sorry, just too good!)

    Did you manage to decide which of you this was?!

  6. Excellent, though i'll need guidance on wool and pattern choice!


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